• $30 - Weekend Play (Sat - Sun)

    Price requires FaceBook Check-in. Tax included. Entry includes access to all fields. Unlimited air and ALL Weekend play!! Equipment NOT Included

  • Private Parties / Events Available

    Private Party Play requires a 10 player minimum. The cost is $35 per participant. Each guest will receive a marker, tank, loader, goggles and 500 paintballs. All parties are assigned a park guide for 3 hours.  There is a 48-hour notice required to book private play.  For reservations, call us at 813-571-1300

  • Low Impact Play Available

    We have low impact play available. Upon checking into our fields, ask to register for low impact play for that day. If we gather a group big enough for two teams, we will combine you for low impact play. Low impact play will be made available for kids and families 8 years and up. Low impact uses a much softer 50 caliber paintball versus the standard 68 caliber paintball used in other games. You can also bring your own group for Low Impact Play as a private party - excellent for birthday parties, family friendly play and corporate events. Price for Private Play is shown above.